Next to weight loss supplements, the sale of hair loss remedy products is an almost guaranteed way to line the pockets of unscrupulous business entrepreneurs. Remedies for hair loss are desired by those who are facing the loss of their tresses and who are not able to embrace their approaching baldness and make it a fashion statement. Contemplating their rapidly balding pates, they do not see a likeness to Yul Brynner in “The King and I” but instead simply a man who is beginning to look his age, and will never have another date, find another high paying job, or be taken serious on the basketball court. It is therefore not surprising that hair loss remedies factor high on the list of desirable products that may be purchased over the Internet today.

Home remedies for hair loss seem to be almost as numerous as the concoctions sold online. Take for example the sports-creams that are being over the counter. Some of the marketing wizards in the 1980s purchased products such as these, repackaged them, and then sold them for a lot of money alongside the odd notion that while massaging the gunk into the remaining hair, the subject was to do a headstand and remain that way for at least thirty minutes. Touted as one of the advanced herbal remedies for hair loss, the unfortunate user thought the regimen to work because they could feel the alternating coolness and heat on their skulls, and because the accompanying literature made it sound so logical that the additional blood flow to the scalp would soon bring new hair sprouting.

Touted as the best hair loss remedy bar none, saw palmetto products were all the rage just a few short years ago. Falling among the natural home remedies for hair loss, this little palm is sought to interfere with testosterone to such an extent that it acts as a natural hair loss remedy that does not carry the risk of the commercially available hair loss remedies which are being marketed. Claiming to have solid studies to back up their claims, marketers not only sell this as natural remedies for hair loss but they specifically target those in search of a female hair loss remedy. Sadly, it has since come out that the studies were neither scientific nor conclusive.

Another herbal remedy for hair loss is the use of crushed and strained leaves of the stinging nettle plant. While this may be a somewhat painful way of experiencing anything on the scalp, there is little indication that this is one of the working herbal hair loss remedies. Other hair loss remedies include zinc supplementation and also the Irish potatoes hair loss remedy! Eating the skins of these taters is said to help your body get the scalp the energy it needs to grow new hair. Of all the hair loss remedies that are being marketed there are few hair loss remedies that actually work, and even less women’s hair loss remedy products that are safe to use. Thus, if you are looking to cure hair loss with natural remedies, speak to your doctor first!