If you are happy with your hair and you have not been particularly worried about the numbers of hairs that appear in your drain each morning after your showers, then hair growth is not a topic that concerns you. You probably do not pay much attention to hair growth products, infomercials, or the various SPAM emails you receive that promise rapid hair growth. On the flipside, if you do notice that your hairline is receding at an alarming rate, that the way you are parting your hair is more and more affected by the loss of it, and perhaps you have even noticed that while the hairlines might not have receded, the overall appearance of your hair is a bit thinner than usual, then you might have looked into products and ways to stimulate hair growth.

Some men want to grow chest hair or learn how to grow facial hair. Others may wonder how fast does hair grow and is it time to be worried. Still others simply want to discover how to make hair grow faster, what makes hair grow in the first place, and perhaps even wish they knew more about the growth of pubic hair. Whatever the case may be, hair growth for many is a hot topic and since the tabloids are filled with quick – and useless – cures and the grapevine is abuzz with the latest fixes and fads, here are some facts about hair loss and hair growth.

Hair growth requires you to take care of the hair. While hair growth shampoo does not work, using baby shampoo, refraining from rubbing your hair harshly with a towel, and living without the blow dryer and curling iron do work. Corn rows, tight pig tails, and back combing damage the hair. Hair growth may be encouraged with products such as minoxidil which may not cause fast hair growth, but which will halt the loss of hair. A visit with a dietician may not cause black hair growth, but it may reverse a nutritional deficiency caused hair loss. While vitamins for promoting hair growth are usually concoctions that are being sold at the pleasure of the spokesperson touting the product, the fact of the matter is that a balanced diet will do just as much – probably more – to grow hair than some strange supplement that the FDA never approved. Last but not least, no matter what your grandma might say, faster hair growth will not be effected by your shaving your head – this has nothing to do with encouraging hair to grow at all!