If you suffer from dry hair, you may be at your wit’s end when it comes to finding an effective treatment that will help your hair recover from the damage that’s been inflicted on it. Chances are that you have paid oodles of your hard-earned cash in hopes of discovering some miracle cure for your dry tresses. Salon prices are oftentimes outrageous – and many of the products are the market simply don’t provide the benefits that they are touted for.

Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true natural treatments for dry hair that you can make at home that really work. We also discuss some of the causes and traditional treatments and give you some great advice on getting the luxurious locks that you’ve always wanted in our article 5 Tips for Healthy, Luxurious Hair.

Let’s look at some inexpensive and natural treatments for dry hair that you can make right in your kitchen.

Natural Treatment for Dry Hair #1 – Coconut Hot Oil Treatment

Coconut has long been hailed as a “hair food” – hence the reason that many shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids are enriched with coconut. A coconut hot oil treatment is the perfect natural treatment for dry hair. To make this nutrient-rich hair treatment:

  • Heat three tablespoons of pure coconut oil in a double boiler over the stove top. You may need more or less coconut oil, depending on the length of your hair. This recommendation is for medium length hair.
  • Apply the warm coconut oil to wet hair and wrap your hair in a warm towel.
  • Allow the coconut oil to set for around a half-hour before washing and drying your hair as usual.

Use this coconut oil treatment twice weekly until the desired results are achieved. As an added bonus, your hair will smell awesome when using this natural dry hair treatment.

I personally use and can recommend Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Natural Treatment for Dry Hair #2 – Avocado and Honey Treatment

Avocado is a wonder-food that is also great for hair. Avocado is a moisturizer that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to leave your hair silky smooth and moisture rich. Honey will work to clear the hair and follicles of build up from styling products. To make this natural dry hair treatment:

  • Combine a large (very ripe) avocado and one tablespoon of natural honey.
  • Mash these two ingredients together until they are of a smooth consistency.
  • Apply the mixture to dry hair and allow to remain on the hair for around a half-hour before washing and drying as usual.

Natural Treatment for Dry Hair #3 – Vitamin E and Egg

It is reported that this treatment is used by celebrities to maintain their beautiful, shiny hair. This natural treatment can be used daily in place of your expensive name-brand conditioner. To make this natural dry hair treatment at home for pennies:

  • Beat an egg until it is frothy.
  • Stir in one-half of a teaspoon of Vitamin E oil and ¾ cup of lukewarm tap water. Note: you can break open a few Vitamin E soft gels (found in the dietary section or here on Amazon) for this purpose.
  • Apply this conditioner to your hair daily in the same way that you would use your normal conditioner.

Natural Treatment for Dry Hair #4 – Banana and Yogurt

This treatment uses creamy yogurt and banana to put an end to dry, brittle hair. To make:

  • Blend ½ cup of natural (plain) whole yogurt with one ripe banana.
  • Wash your hair as you normally would.
  • Apply this conditioning hair treatment from the scalp down to the tips of the hair.
  • Leave on for at least thirty minutes (longer if your hair is really dry).
  • Rinse and dry your hair as you usually would.

I hope these natural dry hair treatments work for you. Do you have any other great hair mask recipes that battle dry and brittle hair? Please post a comment below!

Susan Ehlers

Susan Ehlers

Susan was born and raised in Seattle, where she studied Biology. Now she works as a health and nutrition coach. In her free time she enjoys canoeing and hiking together with her husband.
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